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MADISON — Still students at Bob Jones High School, the teens in engineering class learned an advance lesson about working tech jobs in the 21st century.

Students in Jessye Gaine’s Engineering Internship: Research and Design class gave their final presentations on December 14 about their experiences at work with local engineering firms. During this 12-week glimpse into the corporate world, interns had real assignments in the firm’s workflows.

“We are proud to share what they have accomplished,” Gaines said.

The Engineering Internship: Research and Design is the final level of the Bob Jones Engineering Academy. Gaines said the unique class combines all of the skills and knowledge that students have learned in the Foundation and Specialization classes.

“To accommodate the virtual learning environment, the engineering internship class consisted of professional training, soft skills development, mentorship with a local engineer, and a self-directed, semester-long design project. Students are expected to interact with teacher and mentors virtually and build soft skills and resume experience.

Engineering students and companies they have interned with are Kayla Lazzaro, NexTech Inc; Olivia English, Nola VanPersem Architects PC; Christina Meade, KTech; Patrick Nicholson, KTech; Parks White, CFD Research Corporation; Hamza Gouda, STI Electronics Inc.; Mason Freeman, Additive Manufacturing & Engineering Inc.; Lillian Cue, Aviation & Missile Solutions; and Sidney Trousdale, Jacobs Space Exploration Group.

Sydney Truesdale acknowledges help during her internship with the Jacobs Space Exploration Group and the Materials and Processes Branch. Trousdale’s primary mentor was Anna Kate Osborne, with support from team lead Brent Hartsfield as well as additional mentors Katherine Bell and Travis Palm.

After defining the hazards and safety procedures in the lab, Trousdale performed a tensile test to determine the maximum amount of force a material could be subjected to at its breaking point. This test reveals the tensile strength and ductility of the material.

In other work, Truesdale devised a process of fatigue testing to find out the number of cycles until failure; low- and high-cycle studies to find elasticity; and fracture test to determine hardness by observing crack growth.

During his experiments, Trousdale used scientific equipment, including calipers, extensometers, strain gauges, load cells, microscopes, torque transducers, calibration stands, gold standards (loads), and dead weights, among others.

When asked about ‘lessons learned’, Trousdale said, “Don’t hesitate to try something new. Do you research. Make connections with other people. Ask questions.”

Trousdale plans to study engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville or pharmacy at the University of Mississippi. Trousdale founded Trousdale Tiny Treasures, a small business for crocheting enthusiasts. In Bob Jones, she plays oboe in the Bob Jones Wind Ensemble and tenor saxophone in the Patriot Marching Band. A member of the varsity track and field team, she competes in the pole vault.


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