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The Ruskin Museum in Coniston has announced an engineering partnership with WEC Group’s Engineering Academy for the Bluebird K7 hydroplane.

WEC Group Ltd is the Ruskin Museum’s chosen engineering partner to deal with the ongoing maintenance of their hydroplane Bluebird K7, which was owned by land and water speed record breaker, Donald Campbell CBE.

Steve Hartley, Managing Director of WEC Group, started the company 40 years ago when it was a small welding and fabrication shop in Darwen, Lancashire and is now one of Europe’s largest manufacturing companies.

However, Steve has another passion, he loves all things speed related.
He races vintage Formula 1 cars around the world, owns an Aero L-39 Albatros jet that he and his team operate and fly, and is delighted to be involved with Bluebird K7.

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Steve said: “The Bluebird K7 hydroplane was originally manufactured at Samlesbury Engineering just a few miles from our new engineering academy and we are really excited to be able to provide engineering support to our trainees and provide new training for such a prestigious The engineering masterpiece is back here in the Blackburn area where it all began.”

Jeff Carroll, Vice Chair of The Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum, said:

“It is really pleased that we can announce the partnership of the WEC Group with the Ruskin Museum.

“His experience across a diverse range of engineering projects is incredible and we are honored that Steve has seen fit to involve himself in our goals.

“It is incredibly fitting that while we have physical possession of the Bluebird K7, it should be worked on by supervised apprentices, giving them a memorable experience they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

“The added fact that the Apprentice Academy is in Lancashire, not far from where K7 was originally built, makes it all the more poetic.”

Tracey Hodgson, director of the Ruskin Museum, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with Steve and the WEC Group.

“The Bluebird K7 will be primarily looked after by WEC’s Engineering Academy where trainees will work on this iconic machine and learn all about it.

“What better way to inspire the next generation of engineers!”


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