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Tuscon, Ariz. – In back-to-back games, national television cameras caught Mack Jones defiantly cursing on the field. It is unclear whether the blasts were aimed at teammates, coaches or both.

Both Joe Judge and Matt Patricia answered questions about the rant earlier this week — saying they enjoyed it — and on Friday afternoon at the University of Arizona, Bill Belichick was asked how he felt about Jones’ outbursts.

The coach of the Patriots pretty much avoided me. Here is the full exchange:

Reporter: Where do you stand on such emotions?

Belichick: “I already talked about it.”

Reporter: I may have missed it.

Belichick: “I’m sure we can give you the record. I talked about it. “

Reporter: Are you in line (Judge and Patricia)?

Belichick: “I’m not going to pave the same road here. How many layers do we need?”

Reporter: You are known as a stoic guy. Is there a benefit to the players (being emotional)?

Belichick: “Again, we’ve already talked about it. Can we continue?”

The point is that the road was not really paved in the beginning. The only time a coach has been asked this question this week The Greg Hill Show Neither at the media press conference nor then did he answer much.

Here’s his back-and-forth from earlier in the week on WEEI:

Hill: It looked like Mack Jones might be expressing some frustration that he didn’t get the play in time. Is this what you like from a player?

Belichick: “I mean, we all want to make plays on time.”

Hill: From a body language perspective, is that something that shows a player’s passion?

Belichick: “I don’t know.”


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