Bharti Airtel partners with Tech Mahindra to deploy private 5G network at Mahindra’s Chakan plant | Jobs Vox


Bharti Airtel and Tech Mahindra announced a strategic partnership to deploy a ‘5G for Enterprise’ solution at Mahindra’s manufacturing facility in Chakan, making it India’s first 5G-enabled car manufacturing unit.

The ‘5G for business’ solution has significantly improved Chakan’s network connectivity, resulting in faster software flashing speeds, a critical operation for all vehicle shipments. Due to high speeds and low latency, managers can now run multiple software flash sessions in parallel, resulting in faster turnaround times, the company said in its press release.

Moreover, computer vision-based inspection is now fully automated, resulting in better color quality. Airtel is at the forefront of rolling out 5G network in India. As part of its #5GforBusiness offering, the company is testing use cases and spectrum delivery with multiple partners and in different locations.

Airtel’s leading ‘5GforBusiness’ integrated connectivity portfolio combined with Tech Mahindra’s industry know-how will enable customers to benefit from specialized services, proven system integration capabilities and enterprise 5G solution capabilities such as Factori.

NKST and its expertise in the planning, design, implementation and management of enterprise private wireless networks will benefit business customers and accelerate the adoption of transformative network technologies such as 5G in India.

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