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resident Muhammadu Buhari recently blamed state governors for the poor development of local government councils. The President suggested that governors have misappropriated or personally misappropriated funds meant for local government councils, thereby denying them third-tier management of logistics needed for infrastructure and human capital transformation.

He said this while speaking at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru, Plateau State, where he is the number one citizen to clarify the allocation of funds to some state governments for transfer to local government councils. Predictably, some governors denied ever interfering with local government funding and called on Mr. President to go ahead and name governors who are guilty of public consumption.

President Buhari then warmly defended the governors as he revealed the ecological funds he has been disbursed to state Chief Executives to help them undertake urgent ecological measures in their jurisdictions.

The financial disclosures come after many state governors have pledged to finance various levels of ecological intervention, particularly after floods that devastated many states. The New Telegraph sympathizes with the victims’ communities and local government councils/regions for repeatedly denying them what is rightfully theirs, through no fault of their own.

As long as communities and local government councils/local government councils/regions receive a fraction of their legal rights from organized wolves in the guise of democracy, they will continue to lag behind in financial and material development. Residents of the 774 local government councils will continue to lack the funds to help them make a real contribution to the national level while still being the closest government intervention to the people to advance their cause and achieve the presence of mind to implement their legitimate efforts. development.

We do not hesitate to sympathize with President Buhari and the state governors because they can be likened to an army of ants coming home unknowingly or unknowingly. lizards that like to eat insects.

The exchange between First Citizens and provincial governors has helped highlight the relevance of devolution of responsibilities between federal, state and local government councils/regions, known as restructuring. This is a profound endorsement of the drum of structural change being beaten in different parts of Nigeria.

It also shows that the frenzied struggle to devolve responsibility is not futile, but legitimate and a reflection of the nation’s mood. Unfortunately, President Buhari and state governors are defying public sentiment, which is compounded by the devolution of responsibilities to relevant institutions.

Mr. President has signed some decrees, such as granting financial autonomy to local government councils, control over consumption revenue, minerals and solid mineral resources generated by communities and local government councils/territories. The Federal Government (FG) resides within its jurisdiction while paying taxes.

But until the constitution is amended, the state governments will continue to be facilitators of financial transactions between the FG and the third tier of administration. In some cases, state governments not only collect revenue earmarked for local government councils, but also determine when and how much to disburse to expected beneficiaries. It has been reported that some state governments have imposed unholy family relationships, called joint accounts, on the third tier of administration.

The latter, arguably, has left the local government councils as junior partners who collect large sums of money given to them for projects that should have the blessings of their senior partners, the state governments. Instead of duly elected officials through regular elections, Standing Committees are often set up to run local government councils, whose members are often chosen by the governors themselves. Incidentally, in most cases, this arrangement has been shot down by the courts, most recently in Osun State, where the local government elections held a few months before the resignation of Governor Gboyega Oyetola were declared illegal and boycotted by all other parties. the then ruling All Progressives Congress (APC); The People’s Democratic Party (DP) was forced to go to court for damages. We are also aware that some state governments have usurped some of the statutory responsibilities of local government councils.

This includes the construction, maintenance, management and administration of markets, roads, primary schools, cemeteries, parks, gardens, health centres, public transport networks, water taps, boreholes and abattoirs. Such violence will often continue to subject local government councils/regional communities to exploitative trends by federal and state governments. However, apart from lamenting the current situation, President Buhari should use the considerable powers of his office to find out what he can do to correct the current situation so that local government funding is not tampered with by governors. The greatest beneficiaries of improved governance at the local level are the people.


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