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Save $1,200.99: As of December 22, LG OLED 65-inch Smart TV(opens in new tab) On sale at Walmart for $1,099, down from $2,299.99. That’s a 52 percent savings.

Watching a movie at home can sometimes feel more difficult than in a theater. The excitement of waiting, the noise, and the popcorn machine aren’t in your living room. These winter months promise heavy snowfall, which will make going to the cinema difficult. Now is a great time to set up your home theater for maximum warmth and comfort.

As of December 22, LG OLED 65-inch Smart TV(opens in new tab) Available at Walmart its lowest price in history: $1,099. Usually retailing for $2,299.99, we can thank our favorite neighborhood big box store for its winter sale. Enjoy Dolby quality images without the hassle of cross-town driving or waiting in long lines.

This smart TV is fully equipped with the α7 Gen5 AI processor 4K for high-quality picture and refresh at 120 Hz. Delighting sports fans who want to never miss a game. With NVIDIA G-SYNC FreeSync Premium and VRR graphics processing unit, every shot, freekick and score will be crystal clear.

This 65-inch TV doesn’t take up a lot of space and is enough to make you feel like you’re in the action. With 2 HDMI inputs, you can connect to other devices, and this smart TV comes pre-installed with apps that give you access to the most popular streaming services.

Delays are likely in some areas with winter storms due to current weather conditions. Given this historic price cut, this deal is likely to go quickly.


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