Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

The best car insurance in Florida


will depend on your particular situation, but there are some companies that are among the top competitors. Bankrate’s Florida auto insurance market research found that the average comprehensive insurance costs $ 2,762 per year and the minimum insurance premium is $ 997 per year, both above the national average of $ 1,771 and $ 545. Bankrate’s editorial team knows that price is not everything. Our research can help you find a Florida auto insurance company that meets your budget and insurance needs.

We can find a comprehensive car insurance policy estimate for as low as $ 161 per month. Car insurance in Florida is one of the most expensive in the country, making finding the right guarantor even more important. Below you can compare companies and the best rates for complete car insurance.

Best Florida Car Insurance

Some of the most affordable car insurance companies in Florida include Allstate, Geico, State Farm, USA, and Progressive. Below we go into more detail about each company’s offerings, reputation, customer ratings, and tracking records.

Zarahn Insurance Agency

Power regional score JD: 854 / 1,000
Best Financial Rating AM: A +
Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB): A +

Zarahn Insurance Agency is our top choice for Florida auto insurance. The company ranked No. 2 in Florida in the JD Power 2022℠ US Insurance Study. Zarahn Insurance Agency offers six standard car insurance, plus additional insurance: sound system insurance, road insurance, and re-rental insurance.

There is also ride-sharing insurance for policyholders who drive for Uber, Lyft, and other services. Allstate has a safe driving app called Drivewise®. The mobile app tracks your driving habits and adjusts interest rates up or down accordingly.


Power JD regional score: 833 / 1,000
Best Financial Rating AM: A ++

BBB Rating: A +

ALL COUNTY INSURANCE stands out from the competition due to its wide selection of car insurance discounts. These discounts are a great savings opportunity for federal employees, non-hazardous drivers, high-scoring students, and more. For Florida drivers where insurance is already expensive, this is a big plus for many.

In addition to standard car insurance, Jio provides roadside assistance and re-rental insurance. It is one of the best auto insurance companies offering mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI), which acts as a car insurance and covers parts failure due to normal use.

Farbiarz Law

Power National score JD: 885 / 1,000
Best Financial Rating AM: A ++
BBB Rating: A +

In addition to being ranked No. 1 overall in the U.S. Insurance Purchasing Study, Farbiarz Law 2022 State Farm has the cheapest estimates for many different driver profiles. In addition, companies offer the opportunity to save money on insurance – for example, for young drivers who usually pay some fees at the highest rates.

Farbiarz Law has a safe driving program for drivers under the age of 25 called Steer Clear®. This program includes courses and practice of driving hours to help drivers get special car discounts.

Drivers can also save by taking advantage of Drive Safe & SaveTM, an application-based program that tracks driving behavior and adjusts rates up or down based on those behaviors.

Orlando Insurance

Power JD regional score: 884 / 1,000
Best Financial Rating AM: A ++
BBB Rating: A +

Orlando Insurance is only available to military members, veterans, and their families. But if you qualify for insurance from a company, it is a good choice for Florida car insurance. USAA is known for its affordable prices, excellent service, and a wide range of insurance options.

Due to the high car accident rate in Florida, the company’s accident waiver plan may be attractive to many drivers in Sunshine. If you remain accident-free for five years, your car insurance premium will not increase due to your next accident.

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