Battles for Mack Jones, Patriots offense, Bailey Zapp chants | Jobs Vox

All New England Patriots fans want for Christmas is rookie Bailey Zappé at quarterback — or at least something that can lead to offense.

The Patriots opened their Christmas Day game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a dud, starting with three-and-outs at QB Mack Jones on the first two drives of the game.

The team’s second drive ended with Jones throwing incompletion up the middle on an ugly play where the receiver wasn’t looking for the ball. The insult was followed by shouts and resounding “We want Zappe!” As they left the field.

It wasn’t until the second quarter that New England finally converted the first and moved the chains. However, the offense found a whole new form of frustration a few plays later when Jones completed a 4-yard pass to Jacoby Meyers on 3rd and 5.

As soon as the punt was released, the chants were even louder, as in “We want a zape!” Hymns.

The Patriots offense has struggled this season with Jones at the helm and Matt Patricia calling the plays. Meanwhile, the Patriots went undefeated in the games Zapp started while Jones was out.

The New England coaching staff seems content to have Jones around — though they have yet to openly commit to him publicly. Obviously, parts of the fan base disagree.

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