Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will arrive in Delhi on September 5; Trade and defense relations on the negotiating table

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is coming to India on September 5 for a four-day visit – her first since the pandemic began. Sources said an advance team from Dhaka, including foreign ministry and security officials, is in India to discuss logistics and protocols for the visit to India.

According to sources, Hasina will be in India from September 5 to 8. He will arrive on September 5 and hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Indian leaders before proceeding to Jaipur and Ajmer Sharif. He will return to Dhaka on September 8.

During her visit, Hasina and Modi are expected to jointly inaugurate a “Freedom Road” from Bangladesh to India through virtual mode.

Trade, connectivity and defense ties are expected to dominate the conversation between the two sides when the leaders meet for bilateral talks on September 6. Besides, border management, river sharing and development cooperation will also be part of the discussions, sources said.

While Hasina last visited India in 2019, Modi visited Bangladesh in March last year to mark the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s liberation war and establish diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Officials said that India and Bangladesh share bonds of history, language, culture and many other similarities. “The excellent bilateral relationship reflects an all-encompassing partnership based on sovereignty, equality, trust and understanding that goes beyond a strategic partnership,” an official said.

Meanwhile, ahead of her visit, Hasina said on Thursday that the Hindu community in Bangladesh has the same rights as her. In an interaction with Hindu community leaders, he urged believers of other faiths not to think of themselves as minorities, saying that everyone, regardless of their religion, would enjoy equal rights in Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority country.

“We want people of all religions to live with equal rights. You are people of this country, you have equal rights here, you have the same rights as me,” Dhaka Tribune newspaper quoted him as saying.

“You will always feel that you are a citizen of this country and you will enjoy equal rights,” he said. “We want to see you that way too. Please don’t make yourself weak. You are born in this country, you are a citizen of this country,” he said.

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Hasina said that there are more pandals in Dhaka than in Kolkata during Durga Puja.

According to a report in Prothom Alo newspaper, Hasina lamented that whenever any untoward incident happens, that incident is painted in such a way that Hindus have no rights here. And the government action after the incident does not get due attention”.

Sheikh Hasina said that her government and Awami League do not believe in degrading people of any religion. “We can say clearly. Our government is very careful about this. I can assure you,” she said.

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