With advanced cooking and cleaning technology, The company’s premium appliances provide a hassle-free experience in the kitchen

Seoul, South Korea, December 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) will showcase its updated dining experience at CES.® 2023 with the latest and upgradeable kitchen appliances to deliver better customer experience and value. LG QuadWash® Pro dishwasher, LG InstaView® The combined double-wall oven and electric double-slide microwave oven are powerful and efficient thanks to the company’s advanced technology and provide the invisible convenience of LG ThinQ™.

LG QuadWash Pro dishwasher

The LG QuadWash Pro dishwasher can clean dishes and tableware spotless in just one hour for quick and easy post-meal clean-up. QuadWash Pro uses high-pressure water to spray dishes from multiple angles while simultaneously soaking with more than a million microbubbles to help break down stubborn food residue. LG’s advanced dishwashers also use Dynamic Heat Dry™ technology, which circulates hot air throughout the dishwashing chamber for faster drying and table-ready dishes straight from the rack. And LG’s exclusive TrueSteam® helps reduce water spots to keep every dish, glass and spoon sparkling clean.1

LG InstaView combination double wall oven

Adding flair to the kitchen, the LG InstaView Combination Double Wall Oven features a clean and sophisticated design featuring LG’s exclusive ‘two-knock’ InstaView door, which allows users to see how food is progressing without compromising the cooking temperature. The new oven also comes with an innovative cooking mode called Steam Sous Vide, which uses precise temperature control to help consumers cook restaurant-quality food at home. And for those who love the taste and texture of fried food, the Air Fry mode produces crispy, delicious treats that are low in fat and require no preheating.

LG InstaView Electric Double Sliding Frame

Perfect for large families or those who love to entertain, the LG InstaView Electric Double Slide-in Range has a large capacity so you can cook multiple meals at once. The oven uses LG’s ProBake Convection® The technology cooks quickly and completely without any heating, so consumers can enjoy delicious and evenly cooked food. LG’s UltraHeat The technology is another time-saving innovation, with precise settings for rapid heating, rapid boiling and non-burning boiling. The new InstaView variant is compatible with the LG ThinQ Recipe service. Launched earlier this year, the service delivers a more convenient home cooking experience by offering more than 18,000 shoppable recipes.

A wide range of microwave ovens from LG

LG’s wide range of microwave ovens make cooking easy with new smart features like Steam Cooker and Simmer Cooker. Ideal for heating food without drying it out, the steamer – use with the supplied steamer2 – Gives delicious juicy results and helps vegetables retain their natural beauty. Meanwhile, the Simmer cook uses medium heat to gently tenderize the food. The new microwave is equipped with LG ThinQ technology, allowing users to access a variety of smart recipe services through the ThinQ app for smartphones, and use a variety of smart features such as remote control, monitoring, and status notifications. In addition, the app gives users easy access to LG’s ThinQ Care service, which helps prevent problems before they occur.

“These premium kitchen solutions incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies for faster, smarter and more convenient cooking and cleaning,” said. Liu Jae Cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution. “We will continue to deliver advanced kitchen appliances that help consumers enjoy a better life of cooking at home.”

Visitors to CES 2023 Las Vegas from January 5-8 LG’s smart kitchen solutions are available at the LG booth (#15501, Las Vegas Conference Center).

[1] Tested in LG’s internal laboratory on a simple cycle with clear cups on LG Non-Steam model DFB415 and LG Steam model (DFB325) according to LG’s internal test method.

[2] Steamer sold separately.

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