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However, while assets increased by $74.1 billion, net redemptions rose to $8.7 billion from $8.1 billion in October.

Redemptions fell to $551 million from $1.2 billion in October due to a decline in net sales to money market funds. Long-term fund redemptions were broadly flat.

Balanced funds continued to lead the way with net redemptions of $5.1 billion in November, down from $5.7 billion the previous month.

However, equity fund redemptions jumped to $3 billion in November from just under $2 billion in October, IFIC reported.

At the same time, the group reported that both AUM and net sales increased in the ETF space.

ETF assets rose 5.7 percent to $317.8 billion in November. The $17.2 billion increase in AUM would add $4.2 billion to monthly net sales, IFIC reported.

Equity ETFs led the way with net sales of more than $1.5 billion, up from less than $900 million last month.

Bond funds lagged behind, with net sales of $1.34 billion, nearly double the monthly net sales of $746 million in October.

Money market ETFs fell to third place as net sales fell from $1.5 billion in October to $1.1 billion in November.


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