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New Delhi: Mutual funds have participated in all the eight IPOs launched in November, with a deployment of around Rs 3,200 crore, according to a report by Novama Wealth.

MFS deployment at the end of November was Rs 980 crore in Global Health, Rs 930 crore in Arkane Chemicals, Rs 530 crore in Bikaji Foods, Rs 350 crore in Fusion Micro Fin, Rs 220 crore in Kaynes Fin, Rs 140 crore in Biz Fin, Rs 100 crore in Keystone Realtors and Rs 50 crore in Inox Green. .

Mutual Funds Medanta Chain of Hospitals Operator Global Health Shareholder Axis Mutual Fund, Franklin Templeton, Kotak;

and . The hospital’s shares are trading 34% higher than the IPO issue price of Rs 336.

Bikaji was selected by Quant MF, Aditya Birla AMC.

and Kotak. The stock of the snack maker is more than 30% of the price of Rs 300.

Shares of Keystone were close to the IPO price of Rs 541.

Green stock IPOs cause investors to lose money. The remaining four primary contractors were trading above their IPO prices.

In the secondary market, MFs are chosen

, , when cutting properties in , and , it shows the report. Key additions in midcaps are delivery, and .


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