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As the end of the year approaches, Apple is facing an inconvenient truth about Apple Silicon, the macOS platform in general, and the Mac Pro in particular. Apple’s deadline to move its entire Mac range to ARM-bsaed Apple Silicon by the end of 2022 has not been met.

Where is the new Mac Pro?

This does not mean that the Apple Silicon project has failed. In retrospect, it’s a clear success that has pushed the rest of the industry forward. This omission refers to commitments set for 2020.

During that year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company said in June that “Apple plans to ship the first Mac with Apple silicon by the end of the year and complete the transition in about two years.”

Barring a slight slippage, 2022 became the latest accepted deadline. All other Macs moved to first-generation hardware, new hardware was released in the form of the Mac Studio, and some models moved to second-generation chipsets.

The Mac Pro is stuck in 2019. with Intel.

Apple Silicon has many selling points, from longer battery life for Mac laptops, more efficient desktop power usage, lower operating system temperatures, tighter operating system coupling that allows for tighter code and improved environments, and more. on. However, the big ticket item is the performance, specifically the increase in performance for the same cost.

The Mac Pro has always been a synthesis of that vision. A top-of-the-line Mac that will come with top-of-the-line specs, unlimited performance, and $700 wheels around your office. Will it sell in large quantities? No. Will it help us define what it means to be a Mac? Yes. And that impression sells the entire range of Macs to customers across the portfolio.

Instead, we have a glaring gap in the Mac range; A gap that Apple said it would fill, and a gap that those who needed as much performance as possible from the Mac expected to be filled by now.

Perception is as important as reality.

Are there practical reasons for the delay? Undoubtedly, they exist. Perhaps the biggest mistake was not giving it to the public. Apple may not be in the habit of speaking directly to customers with clear intent and purpose… So how easy and honest would it be to say that the Mac Pro is overdue, give us a few more months” during the September iPhone event?

Senior Apple employees have conducted several interviews over the past six months to talk about Apple’s portfolio, some to mainstream and some to niche online sites. Again, an opportunity to set expectations and turn this missed deadline into a positive message.

Because the question is no longer “When is the Mac Pro coming out?” But will Apple release a Mac Pro?

The lack of confidence in an Apple-branded product is a troubling way to end the year.

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