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San Francisco: Tech giant Apple has expanded its self-service repair program to M1-powered Mac desktops in the US.

Customers can now order genuine iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Studio repair parts, The Verge reports.

Consumers can view a collection of repair manuals for all these products on the company’s website and can go through the manual if they want to take advantage of the self-service repair program.

The program is recommended only for those who are confident in performing this repair, which involves many steps, requires the use of advanced tools and can take a long time.

The cost of some parts can deter consumers from making repairs if what they see in the instructions doesn’t scare them away.

Studio Display has also been added to the program, the report said.

The tech giant has listed a replacement nano-texture display for $967.12, which drops to $879.12 after customers return the original cracked screen.

Rental of the tool kit is $49.00, but customers can get a refund for it after everything is returned.

Customers are not allowed to order a glossy replacement display if their Studio Display originally came with a matte option and vice versa.

Apple started a self-service repair program with the latest iPhones in August.


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