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Apple has once again expanded its self-repair program. as noted six colors and on the edgePeople in the United States can now try to fix M1 iMac, M1 Mac mini, Mac Studio and Apple Studio display problems with original parts, repair manuals and tools.

The Self-Repair Program is intended for those who have the time, patience, skills, and confidence to perform repairs at home, rather than taking the damaged device to an Apple Store or third-party repair shop or sending it to Apple. You can buy all the parts and rent the necessary tools, but at checkout you must enter the code from the relevant manual to show that you have actually read the document.

Apple debuted its Self Service Repair program in the US in April, offering manuals and parts for select iPhone models. It has since expanded the program to Mac laptops and other territories.

Apple introduced the program ahead of the Right to Repair rules, which are expected to come into effect in the US and Europe. In 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order focused on boosting competition in the US economy, in part in the tech sector. Among other things, he urged the Federal Trade Commission to ban “anticompetitive restrictions on the use of independent repair shops or the DIY repair of one’s own appliances and equipment.”

The agency took a stricter position on similar issues. In July, it announced a settlement with three companies (including Weber and Harley-Davidson) that it accused of illegally threatening to void warranties if consumers used third-party repair parts or independent repair shops.

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