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‘Balidan Stamba will be promoted as a major destination’
* Hosting G-20 events is a unique opportunity for J&K

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JAMMU, Dec 18: Lt Governor Manoj Sinha today said that all government offices will develop a mechanism to have WhatsApp numbers, help desks and e-mails for addressing public issues and redressal of grievances.
In another important announcement, he said that the ‘Balidan Stambh’ in Jammu will be promoted as a major destination for the army and administration. This was the long awaited demand of the people of Jammu and it was fulfilled.
Addressing the people of Jammu and Kashmir through the 21st edition of his monthly radio program ‘Awaam Ki Awaaz’ this morning, Sinha said that e-offices are operational in around 300 offices in the Union Territory, while talking about the proposal related to help desks of government institutions. and districts with a 96 percent file disposal rate.
Welcoming this proposal, he said that a mechanism will be developed for all government institutions to have a help desk, WhatsApp number and e-mail address for complaints.
Sinha said that the ‘Balidan Stambh’ in Jammu will be jointly promoted as a major destination by the army and the civil administration.
Apart from social and political organizations in Jammu state, a number of people have from time to time raised the demand to develop and promote ‘Balidan Stambh’ as ​​a major tourist destination so that people can see how many soldiers have sacrificed their lives for this cause. nation and fighting militants in Jammu and Kashmir.
Sinha said India’s presidency of the G-20 was an opportunity for Jammu and Kashmir to “showcase its cultural wealth and tourism potential to the world” and urged youth and businesswomen to join hands for the cause.
Calling India’s presidency of the G-20 a unique opportunity to showcase the potential of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat’, he said India’s presidency of the G-20 is an opportune moment for Jammu and Kashmir to “showcase its cultural wealth and tourism potential”. is. world platform.
“Youth clubs, women entrepreneurs, start-ups, industries, Self Help Groups, tourism entrepreneurs and innovators should come together to showcase a vibrant and progressive Jammu and Kashmir during India’s presidency of the G-20,” Sinha said.
He said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is on its way to becoming a global superpower and the world is watching it with interest.
Citizens were also invited to submit suggestions and ideas regarding the “G20” event to be held in the territory of the Union.
Sharing his views on the recently concluded “My City is My Pride” campaign, the Lieutenant Governor said that the intercity movement is celebrated as a celebration of the city’s vibrant local self-governance.
“Jhan Bhagidari” is a reflection of a progressive society. It paves the way for a “bottom-up” approach to governance, helping to tailor policies to meet public needs. “The ‘My City My Pride’ campaign was aimed at mobilizing local organizations in the city and channeling urban development efforts through community engagement,” said Sinha.
Awakening the power of the people is the first step in the direction of inclusive development, he said. We all have to play our part in making a positive difference in infrastructure expansion, cleanliness, environmental protection, economic activity, green spaces, lakes, rivers and heritage protection.
He also shared inspirational stories and elicited feedback from citizens from across the Capital.
Noting that about 5.5 million rural women take care of their families and contribute to agriculture, besides engaging in handicrafts, household and small-scale industries, Sinha appealed to all sections of the society to contribute to the cause. development of women’s power.
“It is only through the cooperation and encouragement of society that the wonderful work done by women across the country can be appreciated and recognized,” he said.
The Lt. Governor said that many brave warriors of J&K have contributed immensely in the freedom struggle and ensured the unity and integrity of the country.
The youth of Jammu and Kashmir should be reminded of the glorious history and sacrifices of the great men and women. “It is important for the young generation to be more responsible and active in contributing to the development of the country,” he said.
Referring to the proposal to transform district libraries, Sinha said that new books would soon be added to the stock of all district libraries in the Capital.
“During the last one year, in addition to beautifying all the libraries in the district, providing them with better books and materials has been given priority.
In the official guide:-
The Deputy Governor also shared inspiring stories and elicited feedback from citizens from across the Capital.
Highlighting Dr. Sanya Khan of Doda, who is committed to women’s empowerment and gender equality, the Lt. Governor congratulated her for her focus on inclusiveness and hoped her work would inspire others to strive and achieve more.
Deputy Administrator Rankaj Sadotra hailed from Bishna, Jammu for creating a conducive environment for the youth club and creating a bridge between the administration and the community.
“Saima Shafi of Srinagar has contributed immensely to the popularization of pottery. An artist always works from an internal source of inspiration. “We should appreciate and applaud the works of our artists, who are an integral part of our artistic and cultural heritage,” he said.
Emphasizing that Self Help Groups have become vital agents of change in the society, he said the success story of Pulwama’s Yasmina Jan, who became Tral’s first dry fruit with the help of Rural Livelihood Mission, makes us very proud. seller.
He also referred to the Self Help Groups of Prabha and Aasia Bano who are doing a wonderful job of making their village a hub for trade and commerce and thereby making Kathua district a leader in Women Empowerment.
He appreciated the efforts of Sajan Gupta, Nikhil Randhawa, Sohan Lal and Raman Gupta of Jammu who have emerged as the best entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector and have become role models for the younger generation.
The Lt. Governor also shared suggestions from Sachin & Raman Jyotshi from Jammu, Mushtaq Ahmad Sheikh from Anantna, Rashid Choudhary from Rajouri and Mehreen Altaf from Srinagar on various issues like promotion of Balidan Stambh complex and activities to connect youth with the history of freedom movement. , soil health management measures, transforming district libraries into dynamic centers of knowledge and wisdom, making school morning assemblies more active, and establishing help desks for government agencies through e-office expansion.

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