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Algonac City Council discussed several items at its December 20 meeting, including renewal of a consulting agreement for engineering services, appointments and reappointments of boards and commissions, and others.

“On December 3, 2019, the City Council approved Algonac and Hubbell, Roth & Clark Inc. for the period from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022. Consultancy Agreement for engineering services has been approved between option to extend the year,” said Mayor Rocky Gillis. “City employees are very satisfied with the services provided by Hubbell, Roth & Clark.”

He listed several projects for which HRC has provided engineering services: Drinking Water Property Management Grant Application, Golfview Avenue Road and Water Main Replacement, Golfview-Mill Street Proposed Development, Lathrop Street Storm Sewer Replacement, Lions Field Path Paving, Michigan Street Mill and Overlay, North Avenue, Elm Street and Chestnut Street Road Rehabilitation, Orchard Street Rehabilitation, Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Road Rating Study, Riverfront Boardwalk Reconstruction, Robbins Street Road and Water Main Replacement, Scout Park Tote Lot Improvement, Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater Grant, St. Clair County/Algonac Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Assistance, Service Line Material Testing Program, Venice Way Water Main Replacement, Water Reliability Study and 2022 Sewer Rehabilitation Program.

“HRC has a great depth of experience and a wide range of technical experience,” Gillis said. “They provide documents including monthly reports in a timely manner, suggest innovative solutions and seek and obtain grant funding for projects for the city. Their extensive knowledge of water and sewer treatment facilities has been invaluable.”

Council Member Michael Bembas moved a motion to approve the renewal of the consulting agreement for engineering services between the City of Algonac and HRC for the term of January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, and the Mayor to sign the agreement and authorized the city clerk. from the city side. Council member Ed Carter seconded the resolution.

Mayor Pro Tem Raymond Martin said, “I would like to make a motion to postpone this agenda item until our next meeting for time to think about the proposal and to allow for any citizen input that we have in our community.” Am.”

Council Member Cathy Harris said she agrees and supports his proposal.

Martin was told that the first motion was to be voted on first.

City Manager Dennis Gerstenberg said, “You have to go with the first offer and the first endorsement.” “Action makers can amend their proposal if they wish. Otherwise, we have a motion on the floor that needs to be voted on.”

Bembas said he would not amend his proposal.

“I think HRC have done an excellent job and this is just extending his contract by a year,” he said. “It doesn’t change anything we’re already doing.”

Council member Don Davey said he thinks it would be helpful for an HRC representative to come to meetings where council is discussing major projects like Robbins Street, so that the council can ask the representative if they have any questions or concerns.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty standard,” she said.

Gillis said the council reserves the right to request a representative be present.

“Whenever the City Council would like a representative from the HRC to attend a meeting, the HRC would be at the meeting,” Gerstenberg said.

The council voted 4-3 to approve Bembas’ proposal, with Bembas, Carter, Gillis and council members Corey Blair voting yes and Harris, Martin and Davey voting yes.

board, commission

Gillis listed three individuals he wants to be considered for appointments to fill the unexpired terms vacated by Carter: Darryl Sopata on the Dangerous Buildings Commission for a partial term expiring July 1, 2024; Kevin Barnhill on the Housing Commission for a partial term expiring June 30, 2023 and Terry Stoneburner on the Planning Commission for a partial term expiring July 17, 2025.

He then listed the board members whose terms were expiring who should be considered for reappointment.

Jamie Sternberg, whose term on the review board expires on January 6, 2023, was seeking re-appointment for a two-year term ending on January 6, 2025.

For the Zoning Board of Appeals, the terms of Chuck Bailey, John Bolff, Chari Lawton and Bembas – as council liaisons – were set to expire on February 1, 2023. Each was seeking re-appointment for three-year terms expiring on February 1. 2026.

“The Board and Commission appointment policy, approved by City Council in December 2015, states that new applicants will not be sought in the case of reappointment requests, unless by a majority vote of Council,” Gillis said.

Blair introduced a motion to approve the appointments and reappointments of the boards and commissions.

Bembas said he knew most of the people who wanted to be appointed, but he did not know Sopata and Barnhill. He asked Gillis if he had spoken with him, and Gillis said he had spoken to Barnhill, but not Sopata.

“Are you comfortable with these two gentlemen?” Bembas asked.

“I’ll be comfortable,” Gillis said.

The council unanimously approved the proposal.

other material

Council members also unanimously approved a resolution to approve the purchase of two GPS field locator tools with setup fees through Seiler Geospatial in the total amount of $2,226.

“The Water Plant is requesting funding for the purchase of two GPS field locators,” Gillis said. “These GPS devices will be used to establish a digital record with the area (tablets) and the exact location of every water supply stop box, isolation valve, fire hydrant and sanitary sewer access point in the city. The information will be important as the State of Michigan is starting to require this information on a variety of documents.”

He said the total cost of the two locators plus $1,731 and the $495 setup fee totals $2,226 and that 90%, or $2,003, is reimbursable to the city through the SAW grant. He also noted that Seiler Geospatial was the only company that responded to a request for quotations.

Additionally, the council unanimously approved the adoption of three zoning amendments that were introduced at the December 6 meeting: Chapter 50 “Zoning,” Article VIII “CBD Central Business District,” Section 229 “Permitting Basic Uses” sub-section 22 by amending “,” Amending Subsection 15 to Chapter 50 “Zoning,” Article IX “GB General Business District,” Section 257 “Permitting Major Uses,” and Amending Chapter 50 “Zoning,” adding Article VI-A “Algonac Elementary” Overlay District.


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