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AirPlay to Sonos and any Mac speaker

Did you know you can AirPlay audio output to your Mac speakers? and Sonos or another AirPlay speaker system at the same time, even if the Mac speakers aren’t directly AirPlay compatible?

Let’s say your Mac has good bookshelf speakers connected via an audio port, and you also have a Sonos speaker or several around the house. With this trick, you can stream your audio, be it music, podcasts, radio, or whatever, to all of your speakers at the same time, even those that aren’t AirPlay speakers but are connected to your Mac via an audio jack. This is really great when you want your desktop PC speakers to be part of your home speaker system, as it adds another set of speakers to the audio output as long as they’re connected to the Mac. And again, this works even if the speakers connected to the Mac aren’t AirPlay compatible, so even those connected via an AUX or audio-out cable will be able to play AirPlay audio.

You’ll need a Mac with MacOS Monterey, Ventura or newer to use this feature, as only newer system software supports the AirPlay receiver capability.

How to play audio to multiple AirPlay devices at once (eg: Sonos, Mac Speakers, HomePod, etc.)

  1. From your music player, podcast player, or audio player app, select the AirPlay button
  2. As usual, tap your Sonos speaker or AirPlay speaker, then also tap an available Mac to test all audio sources.
  3. Your sound / audio will now play on all selected speakers, including those connected to your Mac

AirPlay Select your speaker output, including Mac speakers and Sonos

It even works with AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, including mixed AirPlay speaker networks like Sonos, HomePod, and as mentioned before, even stereo speakers connected to a Mac via an audio jack, since the Mac can now function as an AirPlay receiver. .

You may already know that you can use Sonos as a Mac speaker, which is also a great feature, but it’s especially good if you already have good computer speakers and want to add them to your audio experience.

Have fun and enjoy listening!

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