AI-armed cyberattacks could be deadly in next 5 years, warns report | Jobs Vox


New methods are needed to combat AI-based hacking that uses synthetic information, spoof biometric authentication systems and other upcoming capabilities, according to the paper.

AI-powered deepfakes

AI-powered attacks will certainly excel at impersonation, a tactic often used in phishing and vishing (voice phishing) cyber-attacks, the report said.

“Deepfake-based impersonation is an example of the new capability brought by AI for social engineering attacks,” claim the report’s authors, who predict that impersonation made possible by AI will increase further.

“No prior technology has been able to mimic the voice, gestures and image of a targeted human to deceive victims.”

Many tech experts believe that deepfakes are the biggest cyber security concern.

They have a strong shot at it because all recent technological advances have moved towards biometric technologies, along with phones locking bank accounts and passports.

Given how quickly deepfakes are developing, security systems that primarily rely on such technology appear to be at greater risk.

According to the data breaches study by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), there were 1,291 data breaches as of September 2021.

Compared to data breaches in 2020, which totaled 1,108, this figure shows an increase of 17 per cent.

According to ITRC research, 281 million victims of data compromise were discovered during the first nine months of 2021, a sharp increase.


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