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Jammu Tawi, Dec 22: Just a day after Lt Governor Manoj Sinha announced special category
workers cannot be transferred, the BJP said on Thursday that it will implement the transfer policy and no one
After the massacre in Kashmir, Jammu will be made a ‘guinea pig’.
“In any case, the transfer policy will be clear. We will do it or else we will go,” said a senior BJP leader
Devender Rana told workers protesting outside the BJP headquarters here.
Referring to the disaffected class workers who are camping in Jammu and demanding them
eviction, Lt. Governor Sinha said on Wednesday, “They should also remember that they are Kashmiris.
departmental staff and cannot be transferred to Jammu”.
Rana said in the presence of BJP leaders including former Deputy Chief Minister and Jammu Mayor Kavinder Gupta.
“We promise you (Kashmiri Pandits) that the transfer policy will be clear. BJP is with you. Don’t mind you
it’s a week.”
In a stern speech, BJP leaders said that no person from Jammu would be made a ‘guinea pig’.
“No person from Jammu will be a guinea pig. This is not a policy issue, but a liability issue.
We cannot shy away from this responsibility,” Rana said.
Former Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta also stated the demands of the protesting workers
Lt. Governor Sinha on Wednesday said that all necessary measures have been taken for the safety of minorities
Community workers, including Kashmiri Pandits serving the Valley, were sent out “loud and clear”.
A message to those opposed to relocation – no pay for sitting at home.
Sinha made the statement during the protests by migrant Kashmiri Pandit workers and Jammu.
Reserve-based category personnel who left the Valley for Jammu in May after the targeted killings
two of their colleagues – Rahul Bhat and Rajni Bhalla. The protesting workers asked for evacuation
Outside Kashmir.
He said J & K’s administration is fully sympathetic to them and ready to provide security
other help.
He also said that the Secretary General has formed a committee to study their request. “And I assure them
If there is any opportunity, we will formulate our policy accordingly.”

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