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£50m nuclear contract win for engineering firm

Nick Revell, Managing Director of Ledgewood, and Colin Ferguson, Project Director

A Pembroke Dock-based engineering, construction and manufacturing firm has won a £50m contract with GE Steam Power at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant that protects 150 jobs.

Ledgewood Engineering specializes in the delivery of complex projects in the oil, gas, process and energy industries.

The 42-month contract is for the ‘Hinkley Point Sea Mechanical Equipment Erection Works’ within the turbine buildings.

Each building contains 38 packages of equipment and as part of GE’s work Ledgewood will install 12,750Te of equipment to supply two conventional power islands for Hinkley Point C, including the Arabella steam turbines.

The largest steam turbine has already been operating for the last ten years. The Arabelle turbines at Hinkley Point C will be the largest ever built—taller than the Airbus 380—and each will be capable of producing 1,770 MW.

When completed, Hinkley Point C is expected to deliver 7 percent of the UK’s CO2Free energy for the next 60 years.

Heinrich-Francois Laage of GE Steam Power said: “Surplus electricity is now vital to the supply and security of the UK grid. The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is part of the solution to creating carbon-free energy.

“We are installing the largest nuclear steam turbines ever built so we need the support of our supply chain partners to deliver on time and on budget. Ledgewood’s work for us in recent years has been to deliver projects on time and on budget Demonstrates a clear track record of delivering… and with an exceptional commitment to safety.”

Nick Revell, Managing Director of Ledgewood, said: “As we approach our 40th Anniversary in 2023, this is a fantastic contract win for our business, creating jobs in Somerset and helping to secure a sustainable future for the wider team at Pembroke.

Colin Ferguson, Project Director at Ledgewood, said: “We have been working at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station site since 2016 when we were awarded the contract to build the jetty modules.

“We have assembled silos, welded tanks and supplied, fabricated and installed embedded ducting and pipework. We also carried out installation work in the main turbine building.”


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