5 tips to use Gmail even more conveniently

When it comes to communication, we often mainly talk about WhatsApp, Snapchat and other social media, but we still use Gmail a lot on a daily basis. For newsletters from webshops, for work assignments, for keeping in touch with family members, and so on. Are you using Gmail optimally? With these tips you can make the e-mail program – which has a new interface in the browser since yesterday – work even better for you.

Retrieve an email

Have you sent an email, but regret? Then in principle you can’t do anything about it at the moment, but you can change something in your settings so that you get some reflection time from now on. For example, an e-mail will only be sent after 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds, giving you some time to realize that you may have entered the wrong Tony as the recipient, or that you could perhaps be a bit more tactical and friendly in your message. You can set this up in Gmail’s Settings, which you can find under the gear.

Using Gmail Offline

Of course, you can’t send or receive emails offline, and it’s automatically turned on in the app. However, you always use Gmail in the browser, so by going to mail.google.com, you cannot automatically use Google offline. To do this, you need to enable ‘offline’ within Gmail’s settings. You choose how much e-mail is stored locally, so that the next time you go to mail.google.com you can at least read the content of a number of e-mails when you are on a plane, for example.

Prepare email for later sending

However ‘good’ it may look that you are still processing some mail after working hours, you sometimes put pressure on colleagues who feel that they have to respond immediately. It is probably better to send an email during working hours. Fortunately, within Gmail, this does not necessarily mean that you are only allowed to work during working hours. You can prepare emails for sending at another time. You can do this within Gmail itself, by selecting ‘Schedule Send’ in the ‘send’ section, which can be found under the arrow pointing down.

Get a push notification for certain emails

Within Gmail you can enable on your smartphone that you receive a notification for every incoming mail, but with all social media notifications and newsletters that is not pleasant for everyone. Or maybe you’re just waiting for an email from a specific person and you just want to receive a notification for that. Which can. Go to the settings, select your e-mail address and then you can use the notifications for only high-priority e-mail.

Using tags

If there’s one thing that works really well when dealing with email, it’s to structure everything properly. For example, you can create labels, whereby you can categorize e-mail by priority, for example, but also by commercial e-mails, personal e-mails, and so on. Please note: you can place labels in folders, but that is not necessary per se. You can also label email that’s just in your inbox. Each label has its own color (and title) for recognisability. Extremely convenient!

Helpful Gmail Tips

Finally, a handy tip is to look outside Gmail, for example. Within Chrome you have all kinds of extensions that you can use, including one so that you can already see in the tab that you have new mail on Gmail and even how much new mail. Extensions are incredibly useful and can enrich your Gmail experience much further.

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