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There is no wrong time to invest in mutual funds for retirement. So, if you are still looking for the best mutual fund, Zacks Mutual Fund Rank can be a great guide.

How to distinguish a good mutual fund from a bad one? It’s pretty basic: If the fund is diversified, has low fees and strong performance, it’s a keeper. There’s certainly a wide range, but using the Zacks Mutual Fund Rankings, we’ve found three mutual funds that would be great additions to any long-term retirement investor’s portfolio.

Let’s learn about some of the Zacks Top-Rated Mutual Funds you might want to consider.

Consider it if you are looking to diversify your portfolio Fidelity Advisor Technology A (FADTX) FADTX is a sector-tech mutual fund that allows investors to own shares in a well-known sector that is volatile in many ways. This fund is a winner with an expense ratio of 0.97%, a management fee of 0.52% and a five-year annualized return record of 14.85%.

Neuberger Berman Guardian R3 (NGDRX) Expense Ratio: 1.36% Management Fee: 0.74%. NGDRX is part of the large-cap value category, and invests in market capitalizations of $10 billion or more, but their stock prices do not reflect their intrinsic value. This fund has managed to produce a solid 11.59% over the past five years.

MFS Wholesale Investors Growth Stock C (MIGDX) is an attractive large-cap allocation. MIGDX is a large-cap growth mutual fund, and these funds invest in many large U.S. companies that are expected to grow faster than their large-cap peers. MIGDX has an expense ratio of 1.46%, a management fee of 0.33% and annualized returns of 12.53% over the past five years.

Hopefully your investment advisor (if you use one) invested in one of the top-rated mutual funds we reviewed. But if that’s not the case, it might be time to have a conversation or rethink this very important relationship.

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