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Hello everyone, long time readers, first time poster.
I have a 2009 mac pro 4,1 5,1 dual E5520 2.26ghz flashed on bigsur (Martin Lo with opencore) I have been reading a lot of threads on this and many other issues over the past few years and recently upgrading the cpu. And what a flashed mac pro can and cannot use. I looked up the serial number on my cpu tray to check if the x5680 or x5690 can handle 130 watts, or at most the x5675 with 95 watts, per @tsialex’s answers on other threads. My problem is that I couldn’t decipher the numbers the way he described, so I figured I’d post it here and hopefully get a definitive answer. The processor tray serial number is: C07022400QCDCVHA6.
I understand that the 3rd digit is the year and the 4th/5th digit is the weeks, which should be at least week 20 and up, but the CPU series doesn’t make sense to me that way. I’m just looking for confirmation from some of your bright minds to help me understand. (Photo attached) – Thank you very much


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